under 18s — waiver outline

  • if the climber is under 18, their waiver must be completed by a parent or guardian
  • you can do this on one of our tablets in haus or via our online portal
  • for online — ​as a parent or guardian, ​you ​first​ need to ​create an account & set up a profile for yourself
  • once this is done​ ​& you are signed in, go to the household tab &  select ‘add ​a household​ member​’
  • complete the child’s profile​ & go to the sign waiver tab
  • choose ‘marrickville’ as your home gym & select all members of your household & hit ‘sign’
  • the waiver will open up in a new tab for you to have a read, sign & agree to the terms (watch out for pop-up blockers)
  • you’re done!