kids in

big kid boulders.

kids 12 years & over are welcome to climb at BlocHaus Marrickville, subject to our supervision requirements.

while our boulders are designed for adults, kids under 12 years can come in to try it out during the day monday to friday — these visits must follow our age-specific supervision ratios & be strictly wrapped up by 5:30pm.

if your child under 12 is an experienced climber or currently part of a climbing squad/team, please get in touch to discuss the possibility of special consideration for increased access.

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for the safety of all our customers big & small, all children require adult supervision & must follow our haus rules at all times.

key rules for kids.

  1. no running on the crash mats
  2. stay off the mats when you’re not climbing
  3. look out for climbers above & around you.

supervision haus rules.

for the safety of our customers big & small, all children require adult supervision at BlocHaus.

adult to child supervision ratios:

0–5yrs (1:1)

An adult must provide constant supervision & be within arm’s reach of the child. We do not expect children at this age to have the necessary awareness & ability to follow the safety rules on their own.

6–9yrs (1:2)

An adult must provide constant supervision & be on the mats with the children. We find children from 6-9 are learning to observe the safety rules & are developing awareness of their surroundings & their own safety.

10–12yrs (1:4)

Adults must keep a clear line of sight with all children. Adults may climb together with the children by taking turns. Children at this age are expected to follow the safety rules & be mindful of the people around them & fall zones.

13–15yrs (1:8)

Youths may be supervised at a distance & are expected to follow the safety rules & know the bouldering gym etiquette. They are encouraged to lead by example for younger children.

We understand your family or group may have multiple children across age groups and we apply a common-sense interpretation of the supervision ratios. However, a one to one ratio for kids five & under applies at all times.

please note: BlocHaus reserves the right to require increased supervision as needed — customers may be asked to leave if they refuse to follow our FamilyHaus policies.