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fostering diversity & inclusion is a key value at BlocHaus — we aim to provide an environment that’s welcoming to all humans regardless of their gender identity or sexuality & to create a space where LGBTQ+ folk can be themselves & feel supported to learn new skills, participate in climbing activities & find a sense of belonging in the community. 

in early 2020 we partnered with LGBTQ+ inclusive climbing organisation, ClimbingQTs to work together toward supporting our diverse community & see ourselves in a place where:

  • LGBTQ+ climbers feel welcomed, recognised & feel free to be themselves.
  • the broader climbing community benefits from the diversity of our community
  • our work influences other climbing organisations to take action in the LGBTQ+ inclusion space. 

meet our BlocHaus LGBTQ+ inclusion ambassadors & champions.

ambassadors are proud allies & role models for our climbing community — they exhibit attitudes, values & behaviours that align with BlocHaus & advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion in all aspects of climbing.

champions have up to date information regarding LGBTQ+ events & programs, campaigns & are readily available to listen to feedback & support individuals to ensure everyone has a safe, fun & welcoming experience at BlocHaus.

steff leinasars.

(they/them) has been an avid social climber ever since climbing saved their life two years ago — steff is passionate about engaging with the community in a way that fosters a safe and inclusive environment, where people can share their experiences and grow in a positive way.

steff loves bringing the community together and advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights via the pride network, USYD inclusion & diversity committee, USYD queer collective, USYD boulderSoc & queer climbers Sydney — working with these groups has given them the opportunity to act as a role model for so many different types of people and help give voice to those who need it.

fun fact: steff got stuck on the wall and cried for ten minutes the first time they went climbing!

follow steff on instagram: @smallclimbs


(they/them) is the resident cheerleader, dog-scratcher, media, marketing & community officer at BlocHaus marrickville.

in their short time in climbing, they’ve been overwhelmed by the support of the climbing community both on & off the wall — kim is passionate about making space at the gym and crag for BIPOC & LGBTQ+ folks to delight in all the physical, emotional & social benefits of climbing that have impacted their own life so positively.

instagram: @averagecabbage.jpg


want to be involved or just want to know more? get in touch.

if you have witnessed or been the target of bullying, harassment &/or vilification of any kind we encourage you to get in touch with a BlocHaus LGBTQ+ inclusion champion.

kim phan (they/them)
BlocHaus MKV LGBTQ+ inclusion champion

external support & counselling.

if you would prefer to seek support and advice from someone external, peer support is available through our LGBTQ+ inclusion partner climbingQTs. 

riley edwards (they/them)
climbingQTs president

treat everyone with equality.

Be aware of your implicit biases. Next time you meet someone new, think of the first thing that comes to mind. Then, think about how that influences your actions.

elevate the voices of LGBTQ+ climbers.

Make space for LGBTQ+ folks to contribute and participate. More representation means more young people will see themselves reflected in the community.

stand up for our rights.

Your opinion can carry more weight than an LGBTQ+ person speaking for their own rights. Call out bad behaviour and educate others where you can. Remember: not all underrepresented groups feel oppressed.

create an inclusive culture.

Consider the spaces we create in climbing and actively welcome others in. Engage openly in shared spaces at the crag, gym and in between. Think about how you can give back.

respect pronouns.

Always ask and never assume what pronouns someone uses. If you forget, it’s okay to ask. If you get it wrong, apologise, move on and try again! If someone corrects you, accept it with grace.

do your own research.

It’s great to be curious about LGBTQ+ culture and issues but not all LGBTQ+ people want to be the source of this information. If you can, do your own research. If it’s appropriate, let’s discuss!

be empathetic.

If you want to share advice, ask first and then offer. What works for one person’s body may not work for someone else. The more open minded we can be about different and unique capabilities, the more we will all be able to challenge expectations and start crushing projects!

make it visible.

Wear your allyship with pride, whether that’s sharing a post online, wearing a pronoun badge or flying a rainbow flag at your gym. Openly share that you’re an ally so that your friends know where you stand.

find out more at the climbing QTs website:

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